Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to use ipad as a phone

As you know iPad don't have inbuilt phone functionality but you can still make call to mobile phone or land line phone using your iPad. Thanks to VoIP technology. Since your iPad has internet connection through WiFi or 3 G network. You can turn your iPad into a phone using VoIP apps. Most of the household has WiFi, that makes it easier to use this to save money.

If you are mostly making calls from home or place where WiFi is available, you don't need to subscribe to 3G data plan. If you travel a lots or make lots of phone calls on the road, you may consider to get a data plan from your cellular provider.

Now the questions is where to find the VoIP app to make phone calls from iPad?

In your iPad, locate the icon App store. You can also search for "App Store". Go to App store search for "VoIP call", you will find lots of free VoIP apps to make phone calls on iPad. You can get one with good customer review and good rating.

Let me walk you through one VoIP app, I have been using to make phone calls on my iPad.

Go to App Store, search for "dial91 VoIP". select "dial91 VoIP", download the app by click on "FREE" button. Now sign into your app iTunes account and install.  Once it installed, select "Dial91 VoIP" icon to open the app, click on Accounts tab to enter your dial91 PIN. Now click on "Dialer" tab to enter phone number to call, select Call"

Happy Calling from your iPad!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to call India from Canada

Any international calls from Canada need to dial prefix 011. To make call to India from Canada, you have to dial as follows:

Call India Mobile From Canada

International Prefix: 011

India Country Code: 91

Mobile number: 10 digits

For Example:

011 91 1234567890


Call India Land Line/Fixed Line Phone from Canada

International Prefix: 011

India Country Code: 91

STD Code (without 0) : 2-4 digits

Phone Number: 6-8 digits

For Example:

Call to Kolkata:  011 91 33 12345678

Call India Toll Free Number from Canada

International Prefix: 011

India Country Code: 91

Toll Free Number: 10 digits (without 1)

For Example:  011 91 800 1234567

If you are using any calling card, please follow the instructions provided by the calling card provider.

For more information: check How to call India?

Hope this helps!!!

Happy calling India...


Using Skype to Call India

I used Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Fring etc but I like Skype the most. It has everything we need to communicate with family members, friends and business associates. The conference calling save lots of time and convenient to be in touch with family members in different cities in India. The only thing I wish Skype offer is cheaper calling rate to India mobile and land line phones. Currently I am paying 9.2 cents per minute to call India mobile and fixed line phones.

Call India rates

Price exc. VAT:

India 9.2¢
India - Ahmedabad 9.2¢
India - Bangalore 9.2¢
India - Hyderabad 9.2¢
India - Madras 9.2¢
India - Mobile 9.2¢
India - New Delhi 9.2¢

I know there are lots of cheaper options available out there.

Call India rates

Price exc. VAT:

Telcan 1.3¢
Dial91 1.4¢
IndiaLD 1.5¢
Phone India 1.5¢
Pingo 1.75¢
Rebtel 1.79¢
Reliance Global Call 1.99¢

Anybody has better option to call India?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best India Calling Plan

Best India Calling Plan

 There are over hundred calling card service providers from USA and Canada to India. The plan are very confusing. Some of them are monthly plan, call only allow to one number, service charges etc..It's very hard to figure out the best calling plan for you. Here are the summary of the best available per minute plan out there using local access(Toll) number:




1.3 180 days

1.4 180 days
India LD 1.5 90 days
Phone India 1.5

Pingo 1.75

Rebtel 1.79

TrueRoots 1.9 360 days

Reliance Global Call 1.99 360 days
Raza 1 ($4.99 service charge)